At MindPalace, I believe that you have the power to change your life by changing your limiting subconscious beliefs.

Learn new, powerful tools to guide you.

By working in conjunction with your powerful unconscious mind,

you can easily make changes to bring the magic back into your life.

Beyond hypnotherapy,

I also offer Intentional Language, Manifestation

and Meditation Coaching and Classes.

Experience healing, growth and change in amazing ways.

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Live your best life now!

Access your unconscious programming,

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Tammy Fabrizio

Certified Hypnotherapist, Coach and Teacher

Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Quantum Timelines*, Meditation and Intentional Language Coaching, Quantum Mind Meditations

My passion is sharing these inspirational healing techniques and powerful manifesting practices! Changing things at a core, subconscious level has beneficial effects that ripple throughout our entire being... and it's easier then you think.

Learn how to level up your life!

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Hypnotic Storytelling: A Different Way To Meditate

Great for Neurodivergent Minds!

Sail away to a remote island, bathe in a waterfall, and discover a treasure!

Choose this odyssey TO build confidence, solve problems, accept change, and promote resiliency and a renewed appreciation for life



Meditanment is a unique blend of archetypical storytelling with hypnotic language, symbology, and embedded language techniques that can lead your

unconscious mind to creatively

heal and problem solve for you,

all while you relax and follow along

with an immersive guided experience.

Based on the original concepts by the talented Mike Mandel, these are perfect for those with minds that are difficult to settle down into traditional meditation, such as with ADHD.

While you listen, your mind will pull what it needs... something different each time.

Become a spark of light and travel

into your quantum timeline to explore the multiverse of your life experieces.

a perfect choice for healing, inspiration, and manifestation.

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"Research has shown that mindfulness meditation changes the structure and function of the brain in positive ways, leading to improved emotional regulation, cognitive function, and overall well-being."

- Sara lazar

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"The mind and body are intimately connected. When the mind is stressed, the body responds in kind, and vice versa. By calming the mind through meditation, we can help alleviate physical symptoms of stress and anxiety."

Dr. Esther Sternberg

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